WinYourExBackBreak ups are painful, but you have to realize nobody goes into the relationship just to break the relationship in the future. In fact, a breakup is the last thing on people’s mind when they first get into the relationship.

Sometimes situation go out of control and couple decided to break up. It is normal to feel hopeless and devastated after the breakup. Many think it is impossible to save the relationship after the breakup, but there are some ways to get ex back again.

Truly speaking there is no best way to get ex back but there are some good ways. There are many good ways to get your ex back, but it is impossible to sort out good methods from bad ones. Some methods may sound good, but in practice, they can make things worse.

That is why I always recommend everyone to follow a proven system to win their ex back without losing their chances of getting back. Brad Browning’s The Ex Factor Guide is a plan that I strongly recommend.

The Ex Factor Guide created by Brad Browning, a well-known relationship coach over the internet. Brad claims he has provided clear, practical and step-by-step instructions to get back together with an ex.

He created a short video presentation in which he explains how he helped numerous people in getting their ex back. (video opens in new window/tab)

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However, is it as good as it claims? Read this The Ex Factor Guide review to find out

Who is Brad Browning?

Brad Browning is the relationship coach who is working with men and women for over a decade. Yes! You may not know about him before, but he is helping men and women to repair the relationship for more than ten years.

Brad Browning

Brad lives in Vancouver, Canada where he is personally providing his relationship counseling services to its native citizen. Brad believes in repairing the problem instead of ignoring it. The rate of divorces and breakups are sky-high because people these days prefer to close their eyes when their see any problem in their relationship.

With Brad Browning guidance, you will learn how to repair the damage in your relationship that has done previously. What’s great about Brad Browning is that he holds the Bachelor degree in psychology which makes this ex-back program useful because you can’t fix your relationship without knowing the underlying reason behind the breakup.

Brad’s ex-back program is gaining popularity and positive reviews every day. In fact, you can get some free tips from him by watching videos on his Youtube channel.

About The Ex Factor Guide:

Brad Browning developed this step-by-step ex back program in such a way that it teaches how to get your ex back and build a healthy relationship that lasts forever.

The Ex Factor GuideBrad Browning has included all his experiences that he collect working as a love coach for over ten years. Inside this program, Brad shows what steps you have to take and what steps you have to avoid making the right decision with your ex.

The Ex Factor Guide is different than most guides available on the internet because it provides complete step-by-step plan that you can follow to win your ex back. Additionally, it contains instructions on what to do after getting your ex to avoid breakup again in the future.

According to the Brad, your primary aim is not to win your ex back but to build a stronger and healthy relationship with your ex. By creating stronger and healthy relationship, you will avoid getting into another breakup with your ex.

Inside this Ex Back program, you will get different books including some bonuses as well. The main book contains 160-pages that help you to understand the actual reasons behind the breakup, how to can make your ex desire you again and what you can do to avoid getting breakup in the future.

The great thing about this program is, all the strategies based on psychological elements which tested by lots of men and women. These strategies include how to break the defense barriers that are put by your ex, what action you should take if your ex is seeing someone else, complete understanding about the differences between male and female thinking patterns and a lot more.


What Will You Learn Inside This Program?

As Brad Browning is the relationship coach, he shared many tips and techniques that will help in avoiding a breakup, building a stronger relationship and getting back with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Besides that, here are some highlights tips and techniques you are going to find inside this program:

  • A “Clean-State” email that you can send exactly to your ex to undone any damage that you have done after the breakup
  • A list of top mistakes that couples make in their relationship that leads to full-blown breakup
  • A complete action-pack plan that you can use when you meet with your ex after the breakup. This plan makes sure you don’t fall off-the-guard or left thinking what to say.
  • How to discover your inner qualities that can strengthen your relationship
  • Simple text messages that you can send to your ex to make them know how you are feeling, without getting needy or without revealing your true intentions.
  • Learn the importance of ‘acceptance tool’ that help you nurture your relationship.
  • A list of ‘reasons’ to NOT say sorry to your ex, even if you feel you have done something incorrectly.
  • A powerful technique that will ensure you don’t look desperate to your ex after a breakup.
  • Step-by-step method on how to build a sense of mystery that will make your ex miss your presence from his or her life
  • Mistakes that you should be avoiding after getting your ex to create and maintain a smoother long-lasting relationship.
  • And much more


Some Advantages:

Easy To Understand:

Brad Browning has provided clear and easy-to-understand strategies. Brad did great work by dividing the entire program into different steps to make it easy to follow.

Created By Certified Counsel:

Brad is a certified advisor who has more than ten years of experience in helping other men and women about how to fix their relationship. His strategies for getting ex back is tested and proven by many couples.

Can Help Men and Women Both:

Brad has provided detailed step-by-step information for getting ex-boyfriend and girlfriend back. Many relationship guides available on the internet teaches same advice to men and women, but The Ex Factor Guide is different as it teaches different strategies that one can customize according to gender, age, and relationship issue.

Great Bonuses:

Brad has provided a complete audio version of this program that users can listen on the go. Besides this audio series, users will also get great bonuses that increase the value of this program.

Full Money Back Guarantee:

You will glad to know Brad is offering 60-days money back guarantee. You can try this program entirely risk-free, and in case if you didn’t find it useful you can ask for a refund.

Create passionate relationship

Some Disadvantages:

Only Digital Version is Available:

The Ex Factor Guide comes in digital format, and if you like reading books, then you will be disappointed. Brad provides only digital version of this program because he wants to keep the price minimal so everyone can get benefit from it.

Audio Course:

I feel the audio course is useless in this program because everything is already available in main manual and three video series.

The Final Verdict:

At the end of this The Ex Factor Guide review, I would say this is comprehensive and step-by-step ex-back program for men and women who are looking to get their ex back. Although this program has some cons like a hard copy is not available but Brad has done a great job and this is the reason this is one of the best relationship books that available online.

The Ex Factor Guide shows complete plan to get ex back and build a stronger relationship to avoid getting another breakup. It is easy to understand, and people appreciate it from different parts of the world.

In the end, if you are looking for a proven step-by-step plan to get your ex back then I strongly recommend you to give a try to The Ex Factor Guide. It contains eight weeks money-back guarantee that you can use if you don’t find it useful. Thanks and best of luck in your journey to winning your ex back again.


Here is one of the Brad videos (with 205k+ views) you can enjoy right now:

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